Autonomous Human Following Car

This is my second autonomous project using arduino(the first one was trash)

First I made a very basic car chasis using LEGO bricks and 2 LEGO motors and interfaced them with an arduino using adafruit motor shield v1. After some testing and debugging the car was able to move forward/backward, left/right and stop.

Next thing I had to do was add my android phone to the project, using which the arduino will get information through bluetooth about what the phone is seeing through the camera.

After installing an app from the playstore and connecting it to HC-05 on the arduino, it was able to retrieve info from the app. After adding more code to process the “strings” sent through bluetooth I could get the objects name its x and y position on the screen and its width and height.

Almost everything was done. I set the app to track humans only and added some more code to move in an appropriate direction according to the position of a tracked human on the screen.

Finally it was time to put the robot to the test.

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Light interferometer using LEGO

Did you know you too can make a simple Light Interferometer using LEGO, a glass slide and a cheap laser pointer

This is how I made my interferometer

You can also modify the structure according to your will to make it more precise and accurate.

This video explains how the HUGE interferometer at LIGO works in a simple way that anybody can understand

How does LIGO detect Gravitational Waves?

TRASHDUINO: an Arduino Trash Bot

Me and my team participated in 2019 Tinkerfests Senior Robotics event where we were told to build an autonomous robot that would collect trash from a specific area and dump it into a disposal area.

Watch our robots video

Our robot failed as it was unable to track the object as its color and the backgrounds color were very similar.